St. Aidan's
San Francisco
A Joyful
of the Spirit

A place where
love changes

Helping people
in many
different ways

Fatherhood and God: Who’s your daddy?
by The Rev. Patricia Cunningham

Welcome to St. Aidan's

Welcome to St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco. Our Church is known as a "Beacon on the hill" because we are situated on one of the highest points of San Francisco overlooking the city and we welcome all to encounter our faith community.

We invite you to visit, worship with us, get to know us and discern whether this may be a place of spiritual nurture and service for you. St. Aidan's is an "open church," meaning that we welcome skeptics and seekers as well as committed believers. We trust that when two or three are gathered, Christ is there also!

Inspired by the good news of Jesus Christ, we seek to love and transform the world we live in, celebrating God's creation around us, and the image of God in every individual. We hope our website offers you a glimpse of who we are in response to the good news of Jesus Christ. May God bless each of us on our earthly pilgrimage.
Our Mission
Saint Aidan's is a diverse and vibrant community that promotes spiritual growth through outreach, healing and creative worship and strives to bring all people into unity with God and each other through Christ.
Worship Hours
Sunday: 8 AM, 10 AM Holy Communion with Sermon
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Wednesday: 6 PM Holy Eucharist

Church Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Serving on Sunday

    July 5, 2015
    At 8 AM
    The Rev. Audrey Miskelley, Presiding
    and Preaching
    The Rev. Gary Ost, Assisting Priest
    Marcus Crim, Deacon

    Doris Feyling, Sacristan
    JoEllen Brothers, Bread Baker

    At 10 AM
    The Rev. Audrey Miskelley, Presiding
    and Preaching
    The Rev. Gary Ost, Assisting Priest
    Marcus Crim, Deacon

    Patrick Hall, Greeter
    Ryan Connolly, Music Minister
    Margaret Tait,
    Janet Lohr, Lectors
    Patrick Hall, Intercessor
    Gayle Rosenkrantz, Eucharistic Minister
    Margaret Tait, Anointing for Healing
    Janice Leonard, Sacristan
    Britney Wheat,
    Barbara Purcell, Offering Stewards
    JoEllen Brothers, Bread Baker
    Peter Fairfield,
    Linnea Sweet, Welcome Café
    Patrick Hall, Godly Play
    Coco Lin, Child Care

    Lectionary for Sunday, July 5th
    Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
    Proper 9 [click here...]
    2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10[click here...]
    Psalm 48[click here...]
    2 Corinthians 12:2-10[click here...]
    Mark 6:1-13[click here...]

    Third Quater Rota
    [click here...]